Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jazz the Scraplifter

Hi Everybody, hope everyone's weekend is going good. Mine is going okay. Just getting back to our normal routine. Hubby goes back to work on Monday and the Girls go back to school Wednesday. So you will see me doing the happy dance EVERYWHERE! Has anyone seen that Staples or Office Depot commercial with the Dad dancing cuz the kids are going back to school? Well that's me!
Today my girls went to the Animal Rescue to volunteer and Harriet was adopted by a really nice older couple within the first hour that they were open! I knew she would go fast and I made the mistake of getting attached to her! Bad me, I know selfish. I admit to being a total girl and getting really sad that she was gone.

So on to card goodness. This card is scraplifted. Problem is I don't know from who. I had a picture of it printed out from FOREVER ago. So if this is yours, my aplogies for not keeping better records and please send me a message to let me know and give you credit or remove mine if that's what you prefer. So any who with all that being said, I love this card! I made this card 1 year ago for my Aunt's Birthday and haven't given it to anybody! Am I the only one that does this? Hum ;-)

The Kraft paper is Recollections, the blue cardstock is Coordinations, the red polka dot is from my stash that I've been hoarding, the music paper is DCWV, all of the die cuts are Cricut from the Storybook cart and the Accent Essentials, stamped sentiment is Doodlebug. 

Be back soon, until next time Amigas :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new little visitor

We are fostering this little girl, Harriet. She was found filthy in a dumpster area. My girls volunteer at the animal rescue that took her in. She is fixed and has just been groomed. Looks much better than this, she is 5 months old. She gets along VERY well with our big dogs. Totally adorable, very good natured, send me a message about pricing, it's VERY reasonable compared to what they usually go for. Let's get her a good home PLEASE.