Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great Blog

Hello back again still no card :-( But working on it. All kinds of fabulous things are going on here and I can't share them, Sigh. However I have has some time to look at other blogs for inspiration. I get so excited when I see some cool work. I am always looking to learn more and I realize you really never stop learning new techniques and card crafty ladies are VERY generous to share tips. I have a list of blogs like everyone else and love looking at all of the pretty things. I have a few I'm still looking for but I found this blog from some link. I can't believe the beautiful work she does. I see she make mostly embellies but I will have fun looking at her amazing work. Here's a link. Hope you enjoy it. Until next time amigas :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Blog Gods :-(

Hi guys. Just stopped to say hi to everyone. I have been neglecting my poor little blog that I love so much lately. The blog Gods have been playing with me lately. Everytime I am planning on sharing something comes up, today we had no electricity power outage for 7 hours!! Just came on and my husband reminded me :-)On my daughter's birthday we had a mishap and my camera was dropped by a mysterious offender. HE knows who he is and he is also Santa so hopefully I get a new one for Christmas. Right before that our laptop started acting up and it's the only computer with a card reader. AAAAAAHHHH what the heck. So we've had a lot of things going on and have been having a great last few weeks, but there are always those things that you don't count on happening. Like a broken laptop and camera. I think I saved a few picts on a memory stick and will show you these from before the incident. I'm crossing my fingers.
As a family we have been really blessed, this last month my husband got baptized. Always a good thing no matter what your faith right? YAY. We have been making new goals as a family and things are really good. I feel so blessed. I am definitely not one of those ladies that says everything is perfect. We have 3 teens and TRUST ME this is NO Brady Bunch! We have struggles, debates, financial concerns, mishaps, stubborness (mostly from me) but we love each other and every step towards being a family forever makes my heart want to burst. I wouldn't want to do this crazy life thing with any others than my little monkeys.
I have been making lotsa lotsa cards. I made some save-the-date cards for my cousin, who is like my little sister. She is getting married in April YAY. I made some for Church people (lotsa babies at church) whom I really love, and I ALWAYS need birthday cards for my Family. I have 6 aunts, 2 uncles, parents, 35 first cousins and thier respective spouses and kids and most of us live within 20 miles of each other. That's just on my Mom's side, it's insane (like my Big Fat Greek Wedding) but also a great blessing.
Tomorrow I will try to upload a card that I really want to share, I am sad that I can't share my current cards but hopefully I can find a stand in for mean while. I have some Halloween cards I want to share! So thanks for my long rambling update. Until next time Amigas :-)