Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Joann Fabric and Crafts Frienemy!

So I am the only one that has a love hate relationship with a store? There are soooo many examples of stores you can't live without but you wish you could right? Ahem Walmart. Though I prefer Target, yay dollar spot. Well mine is with Joann Crafts. My husband's office is just about 3 seconds from a Michael's. So the ladies know me and we are BFFs. But well let's admit it, both of the stores have different things. I love love love online shopping (like Christmas right?) but sometimes you have to go play with the pretty things. Well Joann employees are sooooo indifferent,at best, rude very frequently. I have gone there once a week (and spend too much for my own good) almost for the last year and I rarely see the same person twice. Bad sign right? I have special ordered my cricut, cuttlebug and other numerous large things and have had a hard time every time. They can't find my order, or they are distracted and chatting with other people so I have to give them my phone number 5 times (not lying). Tried to buy cricut carts and I have to wait 30 minutes to find the person with the key to them. Then when I tried to complain to the manager I was shocked to find it was a lady that was belittling one of her employees. Why oh why? So I come full circle and say, JOANN, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOU ARE SO MEAN TO ME :-(

Friday, May 21, 2010

Procrastination be gone!!!

I am an organizer/procrastinator, I think I do my best work last minute, but this time for my twinkies party I am turning over a new leaf. I make lists, know what I want and everthing always turns out okay but my peeps always seem to frown on this lol. Well I have the invitations stamped, almost all embossed and printed, yay me. Never been a big fan of pastels but they are growing on me. So I am patting myself on the back as we speak :-) Oh yeah Melissa a very crafty craft girl is having a fabulous give away, check out her stuff shes great great great. Heres linky http://keepsakesbymelissa.blogspot.com

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi Cuttlebug, I love you.

So my first blog was supposed to be laid back casual, 10 random things about me. Well maybe I'm not that interesting, hmm but I can't think of 10 things anyone would like to read. Sooo maybe I'll feel fascinating tommorrow. ;-)

So to start off I must disclose I am a total cheapskate. Hate spending money on myself, don't hate spending on the kids or the hubs, just me, typical Mom huh? I'm sure you ladies know what I'm talking about. Plus with 2 teens and 1 tween I am singlehandedly stimulating the economy just on hair products!

So today I will tell you about my new gadget. My husband got me a cuttlebug about 10 days ago. I will tell you the history of me getting my Cricut another day (I don't look good in the story so it can wait, hehe). The point is I don't protest when my husband wants to buy me any scrapping goodies anymore. So I get my cuttlebug and several folders that were on sale (yay) dirt cheap. I left it on my desk for a few days, then opened the box, a few more days after that of me just looking at it and thinking you better be worth every penny green monster! Then I saw an adorable card by the talented Rae Barthel that had the swiss dots I decided to give it a try. Well let me tell you I am addicted. I am swiss dotting everything.......... yep, I would've swiss dotted the dinner napkins tonight. And the way it looks with Coredinations matted with pokie dot paper. It's just all too much! You'll see!!! Love it!!!

Soon I will share some pics of my stuff. Looking forward to making friends with this blog and giving props to all of my fellow cardmakers that are sooooo talented and so much fun to follow. Good night for now. My head is spinning, with the cuttle possiblities. Until next time amigos.