Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Craft Area- Lotsa Pics

Hello my fine friends. Just wanted to show you my craft area, I've seen lots of these recently on other blogs. Right now I am crafting in a part of our bedroom. With 3 teenagers & a BIG dog we use ALL of the space we can. Usually it is me doing my craft thing and my husband playing video games. My Aunt very generously gave me more storage stuff this weekend, YAY. This space works for now, sometimes I feel the walls getting smaller and smaller, LOL. I have to use my stash before I buy more but it's addicting. I think I'm a neat person but let me tell you it's CRAZY when I get creative. LOL then I finish, look around and think, "how did this happen ?"

This is my whole area, organized madness.

I did a good job of hiding my unhealthy obsession with ribbon, that green kermit bag is full as well as 2 of those storage boxes and all of the stuff I have out in plain view ;-)

This is under my desk/table where I store less used items. There are blank scrapbooks in the rolley case.

My desk top, an old, old little kitchen table from my single days. When I took it upstairs to use I thought Jared would think it was crazy but he didnt say anything, then I came upstairs a few nights later and he had carved our initials and a heart on the corner. Aaaaw!

This is a bed bath & beyond thingy, with my tools, glues & tape, ink pads, glitter, punches, glue gun. The storage container above has regular scissors and pens and paperclips.

This is pegboard Jared put up, and it has helped soooo much and was fairly inexpensive. We painted it and while the paint was still wet sprinkled glitter. He knows his wife. HaHa.

Love my labeler. The cardboard box has chipboard.

Telling you about this makes me think maybe I have ALOT for my space! I have overflow in the garage, such as paints, and larger bags, tissue paper. But I'm telling you it's addicting.
Thanks for staying with me it was a loooong post. Until next time amigos ;-)


  1. What a fabulous crafty area!

  2. WOW! Your craft space looks like a store! I could shop there.

    Are you serious that your hubby carved your names and a heart?? OMG that is so sweet. Mike told me the other day that I was snoring(I know....not a pretty picture) but he told me it was comforting to have me next to him so deep in sleep. {{TMI? yeah I think so too but I loved him for saying that}}