Friday, March 2, 2012

Sara's Craft

Hello friends, and HAPPY Friday. Today I have a craft for you that my daughter Sara made. Sara is INCREDIBLY artistic, she has amazing talent. She paints like a young Monet, she definitely got that from my Mom, who is also a great artist. I helped very minimally. Only to show her how the modge podge worked, then she took the reins on it.  It took less than an hour, that includes drying time. It looks so cute on her wall. Check it out.

Easy peasy, it looks a little streaky here but it's not. Just my horrible picture taking LOL.

Supplies: black, light pink & white acrylic paint, 10x14 canvas, matte modge podge
these felt pieces (they are supposed to be coasters ?) are from the day after Valentines, cost = 25 cents each

Basically she covered the canvas with black, let that dry. Step 2 tilt canvas and splatter white and pink, let dry. Modge podge the back of the felt pieces with a THICK layer and attach, let dry. The modge podge is milky white but dried clear even on felt.The end. Hope you enjoyed this, thanks for stopping by. Until next time Amigas.

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