Friday, June 1, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Hello Friends, just stopping by the old neglected blog to say hi. Today is the last day of school and it couldn't come soon enough this year. I have been so extremely busy but officially today is my last day of craziness. I made these teacher gifts last night. It has been so crazy lately my mind has been in overload. We went to our youngest Daughter's Middle School Promotion at 2:30 in the afternoon in 100 degree heat with no shade! I think my brain got cooked besides the nasty sunburn. Yeah the person that thought of that schedule DOES NOT get one of these LOL.

Basically I got the inspiration for these from the DCWV Blog. I am addicted to their paper and have TONS AND TONS of it. These however were made using Re'collections paper, only the silver band is DCWV. Its just what I had on hand and could find in my stash at 10 at night. Ran to the grocery store to get the candy for them and tada! Finally my craft supply hoarding paid off! Below is another gift I decorated for my Daughter.

I have A TON of cards to share that I've made here and there and will share them on Monday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 'Till next time Amigas.

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