Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy happy Halloween

Happy Halloween friends! I have been neglecting this little old blog so much lately. I've had the craziest last few months. Perhaps soon I will tell you all of the crazy things, but for now it's not my story to tell. Honestly it's so very much to say and so very much to process.  Also with mean, mean Sandy hitting the East coast you have to feel bad for all of the people that are going through that. I also feel so bad for all of the kids that are indoors with no Halloween. No fun at all. We all have to be grateful for our blessings, things can always be worse.

For today it's Halloween in sunny California time to forget all of your troubles and just enjoy yourself. For us tonight should be Pumpkin carving, chili making and handing out candy. Our kids are too old for trick or treating so I fully expect to get ditched today :-/.

Here are some crafts I have been working on and a never before seen pic of Casa de Jazzy. There are more that I didn't get a chance to share. Maybe in the next few says I'll do a late post.

Stay safe and have a wonderful Halloween! Until next time Amigas :-)

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