Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Christmas Cards

Hello Friends, just checking in again with more Christmas cards. I had made a promise that I would have some pajama and movies days this week because it was the first week that they are on vacation. Yeah that was unrealistic for sure. I have a million things to do and have not wrapped one gift. In our family Christmas dinner is on Christmas Eve so I basically always have one less day for everything.

Am I the only one? Well heck no! This is par for the course for Moms, in addition the Hubs is off the the next 4 days so my schedule will be thrown off for sure. Although he is a delightful Hubby he just throws everything of kilter with his relaxing self.

So here are a couple of cards that I made. Lotsa different manufacturers and materials, I will share later today. I am off to take one of my twins to get a tooth repaired at the Dentist. Yep, sucks!

Hope you like them and as usual, thank you so much for visiting my little blog. Until next time amigas.

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