Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple Fence Card and My Bob Barker Moment

Hello Friends, hope everyone's weekend was great. Ours was very busy and crazy like usual. Saturday we went up to an Animal Rescue ranch that my daughters have been volunteering at for about a year now and took care of some VERY, very cute doggies! I had different plans, a Mommy day off with my Aunts, but we had a car conflict so my plans got cancelled. :-(

That's okay because even though it was hotter than Africa (as my little girl says) it was so nice to do something together as a family to help others. This whole thing started with the Twins doing the community service requirement that California Schools have to graduate. That was 1 year ago now we are hooked on Doggies. We have made some good friends and the person that runs it BettyAnne is such a kind soul. She is fiercely protective of the dogs and they could not have a better advocate. She is tireless in her efforts despite some physical issues she has. We love that Woman!

We have fostered many pups, about 12 now. Most with social problems, skinny and just neglected. It's how we got our very old Weenies, Yoda and Okie. They are pretty much unadoptable because Okie had a battle with breast cancer, which was removed but we are thinking it's come back. Her and Yoda's owner passed away. The 2 of them have been together for 8 years. I couldn't bear someone just taking Yoda cuz he's healthier and leaving Okie to die alone in a kennel. They are besties and SUCH good, well behaved, sweet pups. See what I mean? Arrrg pulls at your heart strings. So the germaphobe crazy Lady that NEVER thought I would have inside dogs is now in Weenie Dog bliss :-)

 It makes my heart hurt when I see how people can neglect and hurt such innocent, helpless creatures that give us love, protection and companionship. The rescue needs so much help and I have to keep it in perspective that all we can do is our best to help.

When I'm around BettyAnne I am often reminded of the quote by Mahatma Ghandi "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." In my book, Dogs are members of our society not inanimate objects. So anyway this is my Bob Barker moment for the week. Just wanted to share some rambling thoughts.

On to the craftiness! I have wanted to make this card for a long time and it's the reason I purchased the Tim Holtz embossing folder. The stickers are all Jolee's and the cardstock is American Crafts. I just love those poppies and decided to keep the other colors subdued to let the bright red pop. I just inked up the woodgrain and kept it simple.

Hope you like it, and as always Thank You very much for visiting my little blog.


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